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How to take part in the PALEOCHORA ART WEEK 2019

The Application ended at 17th of March. We have now all artists already.

Here are the infos for 2019:

This year we have a new concept, a new display area, a new time in the year and this year we are looking for 25 artists, who live in Crete or Greece.

The Paleochora Art Week will take place  from 8th until 22th of June. The bad news is, the ruinous Town Hall is closed for this season, but the very best news is, we found a new display area in the old Police Station. There are 3 rooms, a big corridor, 2 prison cells and a balcony in front of the street for sculptures, life music … The house will be renovated for the Art Week, so we will have a very nice and very cool display area.

Also our partner, the Art Flow Gallery will offer space for artists. Further we will use the Stoney Boulevard for sculptures. This year we will concentrate the exhibition to this three places, which means no more Art Points.

The display space is smaller and so we make a limit of 20 painters and photographers plus 5 sculpturers. We decided that only artists who life here in Crete/Greece could apply. And you have to be there, to have the possibility to speak with the visitors and also to the other artists. And we need your help between the opening times.

If you are interested, please send the application document with the 2 photographs of the artwork and one of you until the 17th of March.

Also a program accompanied by the Art Week:

  • Artist at Work: Visitors can watch the artists, seeing how the art is created by each artist.
  • Art for Kids: Workshops by artists for the children
  • Opening and Closing Parties, Life Music, …

To help you decide whether you wish to take part, in the 2019 Paleochora Art Week please note the following things, which apply to all artists without exception:

  • The entry fee for the exhibition is €30. You pay it before you install your work in the old Police Station.
  • All work entered must be original, and must be your own work.
  • Paintings and photographs must be framed except canvas.
  • We only accept art not handcraft!
  • If you want to participate then you agree that you exhibit your artwork from 8th – 22th June. There is no possibility to take down the artwork before the end of the exhibition (except you sell something). You are responsible for installation and deinstallation of your work.
  • You will be allocated a space which will be minimum of 2 linear metres and a maximum of 6 pieces of art to display. You will also be allocated space in Claudias Art Flow Gallery, if you want or require for additional display.
  • Important: Please read and answer your emails. Provide us with the informations we need for the organization.

If you are interested in taking part in this year’s Art Week, please send us the following information via email:

  • Application document with your full name and contact details and many other questions; Application_english_greek
    • Your nationality & your current place of residence (e.g., You may be of French nationality but reside in Chania)
  • Two photographs of your artwork (current work that is in the style you intend to display). Please save them with your name and the title of your work.
  • One portrait photo of you for the Internet (webpage and facebook). Please save it with your name and portrait.

Please let us know:

  1. Would you be prepared to take part in our ‘Artists at Work’ feature so that the public can see you creating your artwork?
  2. Are you able to give one or more evenings to help cover opening hours at the old Police Station or other help (preparation of the old Police Station, to help installation of banners, to stick posters or to spread leaflets …)

Due to the high numbers of artists wishing to attend the Art Week in 2019, it is necessary for us to carry out a selection process.

Therefore we need to ask that you email us the above information & make us aware of your interest to attend by the 17th March 2019.

The selection process will then take place, and you will be notified of your acceptance by 1st April 2019.

Paleochora Art Week organized by artists for artists. We want to bring art to the people, connect artists and show how colorful the “Art scene” is here and around Paleochora. We are a non profit organisation. Funding and organizing Paleochora Art Week requires your help too, the 30 euro entrance fee and volunteering some of your time (e.g. every evening we need two persons to curate the exhibition at the old Police Station). We look also for sponsors to make a successful event out of the Paleochora Art Week. With these moneys we create this large annual event, which helps the artists and the village Paleochora.