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How to take part in the PALEOCHORA ART SUMMER

Everybody who would like to make an exhibition in 2018 could do this under the label PALEOCHORA ART SUMMER. That means you can organise your own exhibition during the summer in and around Paleochora. The exhibtion can be planned from May until October/November so that we have a long time to bring art to the people in Paleochora.

You can make an exhibition alone, or with other artists (e.g. some photographers make an exhibition together with collegues or friends …). Also short events with art cold be one possibility.

You look for a location and fix the time period, and make your own public relations for the exhibition. Please let us know what you plan, so we can put them on Facebook. Take different ways for telling other about your exhibition: with leaflet or poster, Facebook, E-Mail or just face to face. Invite your family, your friends and also art colleagues.


Our support:

If you want, we can promote your exhibition on Paleochora Art Week Facebook page. Here we need a little text, photographs. In the text you should write something about your art, about your themes or ideas, materials or techniques you use.


If you want to puplish press releases, we can help you with contacts of the newspapers and media.

We are open to all your ideas.