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During the Paleochora Art Week 2016 all visitors could go with a mask and snorkel to see artworks underwater of 13 artists. There were different things to explore: a huge mandala, a big cross, sculptures, paintings and much more that you would not expect. The mandala was years ago on the floor of the Paleochora Club.

Also underwater music was offered by Hans Mannooh.

And for all who want to know what you have missed, could look the Underwater film 2016 of Piet Freitag. It’s not only fun because he has made this film in memory to the refugees, who have fled their countries out of fear, hoping to find a better life…and thereby lost their lives. You can see this film in three languages greek
, english and german.

Our underwater artists: Anthony Bijnen, Claudia Boldura, Efi Fiotaki, Gerhard Stelzhammer, Hans Mannooh, Piet Freitag, Sabine Rassow, Silvia Forrer, Smaragda Papazoglou, Sofia Markoulakis, Tamara Freitag, Vasilis Patsouraki and Vicky Poliraki.




Thank you Europe – Installation of Piet Freitag

You see the installation „Thank you Europe“ in the underwater exhibition. It is from Piet Freitag. We asked him what that means: Here is his answer:
„With this installation I would like to point out the failure of the European policy in regard to refugees. This policy, that knowingly takes the deaths of thousands of people into the bargain, and that leaves countries that already exist at a minimum, virtually alone with the problems! At the same time it is a memorial, dedicated to those people who have fled their countries out of fear, hoping to find a better life .. and thereby lost their lives.“



Refugeescross of Gerhard Stelzhammer


After Fear Death

In memory of all those, that have fled:fluechtlingskreuz-a-w
for fear, of having no future,
for fear of destruction and violence,
for fear of persecution and torture,
for fear about the future of their children,
for fear of hunger and death,
for fear of religious fanatism,
for fear of racism and no freedom of speech,
for fear, to become like their persecutors,
and thereby lost their lives.


After Fear Death

As reflection for all those, who have barbed wire around their hearts
and who run from themselves.
Death will welcome them too,
without making a difference between origin, skin color, gender or religion.

The cross as a symbol for suffering,
fragmented mirrors as a symbol of broken lives and
barbed wire as a symbol for closed borders and small minded brains.
White as a symbol of innocence.

Gerhard Stelzhammer

In german you find his thoughts at www.gerhard-stelzhammer.at