… bringing art to the people!

Not only during PALEOCHORA ART SUMMER or Paleochora Art Week you can see art. We have Permanent Art Points and so you can have a look all the summer and winter.

Flow Art Gallery

In May 2017 opens Claudia Boldura a new gallery in Paleochora. Claudia Boldora is italian artist and makes different form of art.

In the Flow Art Gallery in the center of Paleochora she wants to show her own art but also art of different artists. So there will be a lot of different exhibitions during the summer. Claudia doesn’t believe in „high“ or „low“ art, just in art. Art is for her an expression of emotions of human beings and she wants to start a conversation with everybody about creativity which is inside of people.

Opening times: 5 – 10 pm and here at Facebook

Gail Wareham at her studio in the village of Azogires, located on the main street, opposite the Alfa Kafeneion

Gail Wareham in Azogires

Gail Wareham is a British artist & tutor who now lives and works permanently in Paleochora,Gails Art Point_Azogires. Display area running art courses & workshops for visitors.  You can visit her studio in the village of Azogires, where her own artwork is on display for your enjoyment.  The village of Azogires is the home of The Monastery of the 99 Holy Fathers, Caves that you can enter and explore, mountain walks to other surrounding villages, and the picturesque waterfall where you can take a cooling dip in the summer.  You can contact Gail direct via email to paintpaleochora@hotmail.com, by calling 0030 694 346 3920, or by visiting her websites www.gailwareham.com & www.paintpaleochora.com.

Gerhard Stelzhammer and the Astrini

Gerhard Stelzhammer mit AstriniGerhard Stelzhammer is born in Graz and since 2009 he lives and works on the island of Crete in Paleochora. His creations are marble, alabasta or as of late, wood. As an artist it was his dream to present art in nature and so he realized this in 2012 with his sculpture garden in Kondoura. This year was planned a 5 years party, but it must be canceld. Now the Sculpture Garden is closed for a big removal. Next year the Sculpture Garden will be open again in a bigger garden in Anidri.

But you can have a look at the Astrini at the Sandy Beach or some sculptures at the Stoney Boulevard in summer time.


Aris Hotel and Kostas Workshop
Kostas Workshop: Kostas LiatakisKostas Liatakis is born in Paleochora and makes art out of stones, woods and things he finds in the nature. You find his artwork at Aris Hotel and at his Art Point Aris Hotel: Kostas Liatakisworkshop.

In the centre of Paleochora town, you will find the Workshop of Kostas Liatakis. Kostas specialises in sculpture from Wood, sandstone, driftwood & marble. His workshop is full of his own creations and you will also find him here working on his latest pieces. The workshop is located in the street that runs behind the Main Street (just a few doors from the Fruit & Veg shop). Call in to see him, for a big welcome & lots of special artwork.

Tucked away in a peaceful location, but central for the town and beaches, you will find the Aris Hotel. Full of artwork and sculpture by local artist Kostas Liatakis, you will find pieces of artwork outside, as well as inside – and in guest rooms too! You can find Aris Hotel if you follow the road around the headland – or contact them direct http://paleochorahotels.com/

Manto Art Gallery

Manto in her GalleryManto is a local painter. She studied art and design in Athen and opened her Art Gallery in Paleochora in 2003. The whole gallery Mantos Gallery with visitorsis full of paintings of Manto. She likes the traditional paintings from the objects and also the technique of her painting. You find frescos, paintings on wood, icons and minoan based paintings.

The Gallery is open from 9 am – 2pm and from 6 pm – 9 pm.

And from the first of June: 9am – 2pm and in the afternoon from 7 pm – 10 pm,