… bringing art to the people!

After two years of creative break, the preparations for the Paleochora Art Week, which will take place from 8 – 22 June 2019, are in full swing. We have developed a new concept. This means we are concentrating on three exhibition locations: The old Police Station, Stoney Boulevard and the Art Flow Gallery. Claudia Boldura and her gallery are partners of the Art Week. 24 artists have been selected by us to participate in the Art Week. International as before, but all living on Crete.

IMG_5594The exhibition will be framed by an artistic program for young and old. Artist for Kids supports our young artists. At Artist at Work, everyone can watch the artists at work and ask questions, or they can even try out for themselves.

Maybe you know that Art Week is a non-profit organization. This means that the funding of the entire project is in our hands. This year we would like to give everyone the opportunity to make an active contribution to let Art Week 2019 become a reality with our new plans.

We want to offer a bigger musical evening program that will stay in your memory, we want to give all children the opportunity to try out art and experience creativity and if our budget allows it, we also want to actively contribute to the sustainable use of resources with our event.

You can support us actively with a donation starting at 5 Euro and so contribute a large part to the fact that we can provide the necessary materials for Art for Kids, the musical entertainment, the printing ink for our flyers and last but not least also drinks for you and all other visitors.

We guarantee that we will inform you about the use of the collected donations and that you can see what exactly happens with your money.

Are you ready to help us make Art Week an unforgettable event?

Then there are two ways to send us your donation.

Payment directly to our bank account

Stein in Stuttgart – Paleochora Art Week | IBAN DE61 5001 0517 5573 2553 47

Payment via PayPal | Paleochora Art Week Donation

We will publish the names of the people who donated on our website with a thank-you note. If you don’t want this, write „Donation anonymous“ in the purpose of your transfer.

We thank you in advance that you believe in our project as much as we do and supporting us in realizing it!